About At It Scribe

A Professional Transcription Company

For Professionals With Important Work
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At It Scribe was founded by a group of transcriptionist and techies. With years of experience and industry specific knowledge we have served professionals from medical, pharma research, market research, universities, lawyers and various other industries. Our grind to deliver fast, accurate transcription services for professionals, maintaining confidentiality of data, gives us edge over competition.


With over ten years of experience, the company has earned the reputation as the “go-to” transcription company for fast, reliable delivery of confidential transcription. More important than fast transcription though, you will find that speed takes a back to seat to quality.

Our approach is ‘no surprises’. You will know what’s coming your way.

  1. We deliver top quality transcription, maintaining confidentiality of data.
  2.  We are a transcriptionists owned and operated business, we honor commitments we make.
  3. We are most cost effective transcription service.
  4. We offer great discounts to long term projects.
  5. Short term projects are valued no lesser than regular client.

We believe that



If you need a job done by tomorrow, you need that tomorrow, period. We give our word when we know we shall deliver.


You might have encountered services committing to a job and then don’t meet timeline, well we are not one of those.


You’ll get what you pay for. Before we proceed with the job we assess the cost and inform in advance to client, that’s why we say, ‘no surprises’ with us.


We are not a company where transcriptionists sit in backoffice and sales guys are making pitch for what they know less about. A real transcriptionist will be there to update you about your job progress, no waiting in line to know what’s going on with my work.


Less corporate, more service.

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