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Accuracy & Consistency
Triple-Proof Accuracy® Process
No Global Freelance Work-pools
Client-Specific Team Assigned to Your Account
Industry Subject Specialists
Medical Language Experts for Qualitative Medical Research
Free Customized Formatting
Free Reproofing
Money-Back Accuracy Guarantee


100% United States-based Processing and Data Storage
Enforceable Confidentiality & Non-disclosure Agreements
NIH Trained and Certified in Protecting Human Subject Research Participants
CITI-Trained on Protecting Human Subject Research
HIPAA Compliant Transcription
Data Audit Trails
$500 No-Lost-Reports Guarantee


No Set-up Fees to Start Online Transcription Service
No Extra Fees for Fast Transcription Service
No Extra Fees for Light Accents (American or Foreign)
No Extra Fees for Unique Terminology
No Extra Fees for Light Audio Background Noise
No Extra Fees for Short Audio Transcription Files
No Extra Fees for Long Audio Transcription Files
No Extra Fees for Customized Transcription Formatting
No Extra Fees for Multiple Speakers
No Extra Fees for Repeats, Fragments, Non-verbal Utterances,"uhhs," "umms," Stutters or False Starts

Turnaround Times

Advance-Scheduling Available
Rapidly Scalable to Handle Large Projects Quickly
24-Hour Turnaround on Regular Workflow
Free-if-Late Guarantee

Service and Support

100% United Statee-Based Account Management
Live Help by Telephone
User-Friendly Web-based System
Itemized Invoicing Available by Job, User, Date, More
Extended-Hours Help (after 5) and on Weekends
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