Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the work done?

All English transcription processing is performed in the Unites States and all data resides on servers in the United States as well.

Translation and transcription of languages other than English is usually performed in the country that is native to the language spoken.

How much do you charge?

We offer competitive, flat-rate transcription prices.

Our prices are not the lowest around, and we do not intend them to be. Here is why…

The clients that we serve place quality and data confidentiality as their top priority. As a result, our costs are higher than freelance transcription brokers that utilize a global network of freelance transcriptionists and distribute work worldwide.

We hire the industry’s top transcriptionists, all in the United States. They undergo comprehensive screening and testing before being hired because they are expected to perform at the highest level in the industry. Accordingly, this kind of talent commands a higher pay rate than independent global freelancers.

Are there any set-up or miscellaneous fees?

There are no set-up or miscellaneous fees. We are straightforward people and prefer a direct approach. When you call us, you will be given a transcription rate for your work that a second grader can understand. No games. No tricks. No mental gymnastics.

*For those who have served in the U.S. military and those in an educational setting (students and professors): we reserve a special discounted transcription rate for you (and only you, specifically). Contact us for more information.

Is there software to install?

No. There is no software installation required for our online transcription service.